Memorial and Ceremonial Dove Release
Covering the Vermont Champlain Valley Area

A. Gary Reid

Memorial Services

  • A dove release is the ultimate symbol of the soul's journey home to our creator
  • A dove release is a very special way to say "goodbye"
  • Release one bird to symbolize your loved one's journey home
  • Release three birds to symbolize the Holy Trinity
  • Release a fourth bird representing your loved one's joining the tree aloft
  • A special and appropriate reading will be given prior to the release (provided or one of your choosing)


Payments due at or before time of release. Deposits are not required for booking memorial and funeral services. Customer cancelations on location at time of service will be charged a 50% fee.There will be no charge for handler cancelations.

For those men and women who have lost their life in the line of duty – no charge for this service.


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