Memorial and Ceremonial Dove Release
Covering the Vermont Champlain Valley Area

A. Gary Reid

Wedding Services

A dove release will make your wedding ceremony a truly memorable occasion!  They have been used in ceremonies throughout the world for centuries.  The doves could be released during your garden wedding at the first kiss or have a special reading and release from the steps of the church.

Experience the sparkling white doves as they spread their wings and fly upward, their shimmering white feathers glistening in the sky! These beautiful white ceremonial doves soar higher and higher, circle, and head home for their loft, representing the bride and groom beginning their new lives together.  Your white dove release is a memory you will always treasure in your heart and your guests will be thrilled.

** A special and appropriate reading may be given prior to the release (provided or one of your choosing)

A white dove release is symbolic of:

  • celebration
  • love
  • new beginnings
  • serenity
  • peace
  • the Holy Spirit


Payments due at or before time of release. $50 deposits are required for booking weddings and other special events. Customer cancelations on location at time of service will be charged a 50%
fee.There will be no charge for handler cancelations.

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