Memorial and Ceremonial Dove Release
Covering the Vermont Champlain Valley Area

A. Gary Reid


Bird Information

The birds are highly trained white homing pigeons that are able to return home from long distances over varying terrains.  Their safety is paramount when considering suitable release conditions.

Care Information

The birds’ release must be early enough to allow for 1 to 2 hours of flying time before sunset - depending on distance.

Care must be taken on release to ensure that the birds do not fly into any obstacles on take-off. If the area is free of obstacles, a pair of birds may be released by the couple with the assistance of the handler, or by the handler. Multiple birds will usually be released from their carrying basket by the family or handler. Difficult areas with obstacles such as buildings and power-lines require release by the handler.

The handler has final call in all situations regarding weather conditions, location, time of day and safety of birds.

Suitable conditions include season, weather, time of day, absence of obstacles on take-off, and terrain over which the birds must fly. A suitable release is May through October, weather permitting. Weather should be fairly warm and dry; no fog, snow, or other severe weather conditions.

*Handler can not be responsible for the actions of the bird after release.

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